Everyday Humans // Castle made of Books

In the busy part of Prague, there is a shop that hides unbelievable richness. It’s hard to see through crowded windows, but when you walk through narrow corridors, you find yourself in the realm of Mr. Jiri Novak, who fulfills his dream here and runs his own antiquarian bookshop. The more the readers are dwindling, the more books grow in his bookshelves. It is an endless struggle that he can’t win, but in which he does not want to stop fighting. Books are a spiritual matter for him.

Director: Radim Vaňous
Assistant Director: Filip Hostýnek
Talent: Jiří Novák
Director of Photography: Radim Vaňous
Editor & Colorist: Filip Hostýnek
Sound: Tomáš Zlámal
Soundtrack: Jonathan Barlow, The Spurs